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Divine light is a metaphorical representation of spiritual illumination that has the power to dispel our inner darkness—the fear, ignorance, negativity, and suffering that hinder our growth. Just as light illuminates a room, divine light illuminates our consciousness, bringing clarity, understanding, and liberation. Recognizing the presence of darkness within ourselves is the first step toward inviting the divine light. It serves as a guide and catalyst for transformation, offering wisdom, compassion, and love.

In Let There Be Light: Healing and Transformation through Divine Consciousness, author and healer Anila Gada presents simple yet profound practices that can help us create a receptive space for the divine light to permeate our being. These include meditation, prayer, self-reflection, gratitude, and the cultivation of positive thoughts. By aligning ourselves with the light, we can embrace its transformative power, gain insight into our true nature, and deepen our connection with the divine—all of which can help us navigate life’s challenges with grace and equanimity.