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There are enlightened ones radiating light constantly, their only intention to contribute to all beings and help them to experience their beingness called light. In this beingness called light, there is no fighting to save your image or to fit the fixed points of view of others, called judgements, as they are superior to you according to you or any other limitations. We all are pure, powerful beings filled with the potency to shine our light. Let us ask ourselves, Are we ready for the transformation process? It’s a process, as nothing happens overnight. Just a willingness to anchor light helps us in flushing out darkness slowly and gradually. Accessing our consciousness to gain awareness of who we are helps in leading us to our true nature. We are all infinite beings with infinite choices and infinite possibilities. So let us access our consciousness to experience the expansion of our inner light.

Let us knock on the doors of our universe to know what it is filled with. We all are extensions and expressions of divine light or of one universal consciousness, whatever you believe in. There is a light, and our purpose is to be the light. Knock and ask yourself the following.



• Who am I?

  • Where am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Am I moving towards light?
  • What seeds of darkness am I covered with?
  • What is leading towards more darkness?
  • Am I willing to experience light?
  • What will lead me towards light to shine my inner light?

Ask and you shall receive divine light.

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